Do your products(Toe Separator) cure bunions? 

Bunion is a progressive condition, it's not a disease. Our Toe separator helps relief the bunion pain, our products also control the condition to be worsen.

Who can wear toe separator?

Anyone who needs it whether men/women. If the condition is worsen or pain is uncontrollable you should consult your health care physician.

What will your Toe separator do?

Our Toe separators will help align your toes to its natural position for better movement. Flexibility and movement of the toes is improved by using our products. It also strengthen the intrinsic muscles of the foot. It relieves pain caused by wearing narrow footwear.

When should I wear toe separator?

Whenever you want to wear whether in day with any footwear or at night. 

Can i wear them with shoes?

Yes, you can wear our Toe Separators with any footwear.

Do you ship worldwide?